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Providing health insurance for your family is an important task. Choosing the right plan from the health insurance marketplace in Tennessee can ensure that you and your loved ones get needed care in times of sickness and injury. HealthMarkets can help you find and enroll in coverage that is right for you and your family.

Of the over 200,000 Tennesseans who enrolled in marketplace plans in 2018, 90 percent received premium reduction subsidies. Additionally, 61 percent of enrollees received cost-sharing reduction subsidies, which lower the amount of out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles. And in 2019, 34 percent of uninsured residents had access to plans that cost $0 per month. Are you eligible? We can help you find out. 

We’ll search plans from insurance companies recognized nationwide to find you the coverage you need. We can even find affordable plans not offered on the exchange.

Comparing Plans on the Health Insurance Marketplace in Tennessee

Because plans can differ so widely when shopping the health insurance marketplace in Tennessee, it’s easy to get confused. A licensed HealthMarkets agent can help guide you.

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