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Think you don’t have time to get a health insurance quote? Think again. Health insurance quotes for Nevada residents can take just minutes with the free online tool available from HealthMarkets. 

Comparing health insurance quotes in Nevada

Nevada health insurance quotes depend on three major factors: your family size, your finances, and your place of residence.

A middle-income family of four from Clark County will be offered different premiums, deductibles, and other expenses than a single, working woman from Carson City, even if they receive comparable coverage.

When you visit HealthMarkets' online quoting tool, you’ll begin by entering your zip code, county, household income, number of dependents and tobacco use. We’ll give you some quote comparisons, and you can call us to get started or ask more questions once you identify a quote that interests you. As we talk to you about your health insurance needs, HealthMarkets can also let you know if you may qualify for government subsidies—lower out-of-pocket expenses or comparable tax credits—on your health insurance plan. If you do qualify, we can help you enroll in health insurance plans that can get you the subsidies you need.

What’s new in Nevada?

Through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare, low and middle-income Americans may qualify for government subsidies on their healthcare. If your family does qualify for subsidies, you’ll enroll for them through the state's Health Insurance Marketplace. HealthMarkets can walk you through this process step by step and help simplify your application.

In Nevada, the enrollment process has changed in 2019. We can help you understand those changes and enroll you for the coverage you need.

Still confused? We understand. The health insurance landscape is as vast as any desert vista and can be as confusing as the boroughs of New York City. Let us help you narrow the field. You can browse our resource center for more good tips on how to navigate the brave new world of health insurance. At HealthMarkets, we do the hard work so you have more time to enjoy life in the Nevada sun.



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