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If you have Medicare, you might think that dental coverage comes with it. Don’t be so sure. If you need preventive or diagnostic dental care, you can get caught with surprise out-of-pocket costs. HealthMarkets can help. Our free service can find the right policy for you.

Your Colorado Medicare Dental Options

Dental insurance is not included in Medicare Part A or Part B. Many Medicare Advantage plans include dental insurance, but you may have to pay a higher premium. To get comprehensive dental coverage, you can purchase a separate dental policy from an insurance company. For a little help with out-of-pocket costs, you have the option to enroll in a dental discount plan.

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Find Medicare Dental Coverage in Colorado

Let HealthMarkets do the legwork of researching dental plans for you—at no cost to you. We work with hundreds of insurance companies nationwide to make sure you find the Medicare dental coverage in Colorado.

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