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If Medicare Parts A and B are not enough coverage, you may consider learning more about Medicare Parts C and D. These options offer benefits that you may not be getting from your current coverage.

What should you know about Medicare Parts C and D?

If you’re considering a switch to Medicare Part C (or Medicare Advantage) or adding Part D coverage, there are a few things you need to know first:

  • Medicare Parts C and D are both offered through private insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare.
  • Medicare Part C combines Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage.
  • Medicare Part C helps cover hospital visits (inpatient and outpatient), doctor visits, home health, and a stay in a skilled nursing facility.
  • Medicare Part C coverage may also include a Part D, prescription drug plan.
  • Purchasing a Part C or D plan may help lower your overall medical costs.

Medicare Parts C and D are just a few of the options for additional Medicare coverage.

HealthMarkets also offers personalized assistance in person or over the phone. We’ll work hard to ensure you understand Medicare Parts C and D, as well as all of your Medicare and health insurance options. We even make house calls! Kenny from San Marcos, California, told us, “The HealthMarkets agent came to my house and discussed all aspects of my Medicare options.”

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