Considering short-term health insurance in Montana? It could be a great health insurance option for you if you want affordable coverage but don’t need routine care. 

Can I Buy Short-Term Health Insurance in Montana?

Yes. Montana residents can purchase short-term health plans with coverage that lasts 11 months.1 If you are one of the 86,600 Montanans without health insurance,2 this could be an affordable step towards having medical coverage. In fact, the average premium for temporary health insurance in Montana starts at $107 per month.*

Who Should Consider MT Short-Term Health Insurance?

The plan that works best for you, depends on your individual needs. Individuals who need affordable coverage, do not need routine care, and are generally healthy can consider short-term health insurance in Montana. If you need more comprehensive coverage or regular care, other options may be more appropriate.

If you’ve missed the Montana Open Enrollment period, short-term health insurance could provide you with coverage until you can sign up. Or if you’ll be without health insurance for a short period (like during a change in employer coverage), you could use short-term health insurance to fill that gap. 

Before you purchase short-term health insurance in Montana, you should understand the type of coverage you will receive. Otherwise, you may end up with expenses you didn’t anticipate. 

  • These plans are not designed with fully comprehensive benefits in mind, and they vary greatly. Some plans will cover more services than others, so it’s important to carefully review each plan’s benefits.
  • Finally, you could be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. 

How to Apply for Short-Term Health Insurance in Montana

To apply for short-term health insurance in Montana, visit HealthMarkets today. We’re here to help you understand your options. Once you’ve finished applying, coverage can begin as soon as the following day.


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*Average based on premiums for all 2021 short-term health plans sold by HealthMarkets for a 40-year-old non-smoking male making $30,000 per year living in Billings, MT.
 "Minimum Essential Coverage" as defined in the Affordable Care Act and may not cover all Essential Health Benefits in your state. 

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