BlogImage_counsellingWhile many Americans once lacked insurance coverage to pay for mental health treatment, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped change that. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about ACA mental health coverage.

Do ACA Plans Cover Mental Health?

The Affordable Care Act covers mental health and substance abuse disorder services. One of the most revolutionary aspects of the ACA is the requirement that certain health insurance plans on the health insurance marketplace provide this coverage. This includes individual and small group plans, as well as Medicaid Alternative Benefit Plans.

There are two other important components of ACA mental health coverage:

  • Health plans must cover preventive services such as depression screenings for adults and behavioral assessments for children at no cost.
  • You can’t be denied coverage or charged more due to pre-existing health conditions, including mental illnesses.

Does Insurance Have to Cover Mental Health?

Insurance plans must cover individuals who require mental health treatment, per the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For people who have insurance coverage through large employer plans, mental health and substance abuse disorder services are subject to the parity protections required under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act.

The law stipulates that mental health and substance abuse services generally cannot be more restrictive than those for medical and surgical services.

Does Medicaid Pay for Mental Health Treatment?

All state Medicaid programs provide some mental health services, and some offer substance abuse disorder services to enrollees. Medicaid covers a wide range of mental health services. Coverage depends on which type of Medicaid plan you’re enrolled in.

ACA Mental Health Coverage: Which Insurance Is Best?

HealthMarkets works with more than 200 health insurance companies across the United States, providing you with numerous options to get an insurance plan that covers mental health.

How Do I Get a Plan that Covers Mental Healthcare?

HealthMarkets can help you find ACA mental health coverage and help you choose a plan that fits your needs, at no cost to you. Compare the different insurance options that are available in your area or call a licensed insurance agent at (800) 304-3414 today.


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