If you’ve recently discovered you need glasses, you know it’s time to start budgeting for them. Glasses can cost hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket, and they may need to be updated each year! But don’t let yourself get too stressed. There is a product that can help you cover the cost. Just don’t call it ‘glasses insurance.’

Is There Such a Thing as ‘Glasses Insurance’?

Technically, there is no official product known as ‘glasses insurance.’ However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a product that covers glasses. This product is known as vision insurance.

What is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is a supplemental health insurance product. Think of dental insurance and vision insurance as members of the same family. They cover services that are not usually covered by standard health insurance plans.

Vision insurance covers more than glasses. Many vision plans also cover:

  • Regular eye exams with an optometrist
  • Corrective contact lenses (in place of glasses)

How Does Vision Insurance Cover Glasses?

Vision insurance generally covers glasses on an annual basis—and by piece. This means that the lenses and the frames will be covered separately.

Lenses Frames
  • Standard lenses typically covered in percentages1
  • Typically covered by an allowance1
  • Percentages up to 100%1
  • Allowances could be up to $1201
  • May include a copay
  • May include a copay
  • Out-of-network provider benefit may decrease
  • Out-of-network provider benefit may decrease

Additional costs may depend on your choice of lens additions (e.g. scratch proof, UV coating, etc).

Where Can I Find ‘Glasses Insurance’ … I mean … Vision Insurance?

You can find a vision insurance plan that suits your budgetary needs with a licensed insurance agent. Speak to a licensed agent today by calling (800) 642-0607 or find a vision insurance agent in your community.



1 Supplemental insurance products referenced are underwritten by The Chesapeake Life Insurance Company, N. Richland Hills, TX. Vision benefits refer to Vision Policy Form CH-26120-IP (01/12) OON. Product availability varies by state. Not all products are available in all states. For a complete listing of benefits, exclusions and limitations, please contact a licensed agent or refer to the policy.

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