Medicare Advantage Questions

How Much Does the Plan Cost?

While cost isn’t everything, it is usually an important factor. How much will you have to pay each month for your premium? What is the deductible? What is the maximum you will pay each year out of pocket? All of these are important costs to consider. Compare plans to find the one that fits your budget while still meeting all of your medical needs.

What Additional Benefits Does the Plan Offer?

Some Medicare Advantage Plans offer extra benefits such as vision, hearing, dental coverage and/or health and wellness programs. In most cases, your Medicare Advantage plan will even include prescription drug coverage.

What Doctors and Specialists Can I See?

Changing doctors can be inconvenient. If you’ve been seeing the same primary doctor or specialist for a long time, he or she probably has a deeper understanding of your health situation. Before choosing a plan, confirm that all of your doctors that you use are in network. If you choose a PPO plan, you may have to pay more for doctor visits outside the network.

What About My Prescriptions?

Do you take any medications regularly? If so, start by seeing if your prescriptions will be covered by the Medicare Advantage plan you choose. Find out what the plan costs are for brand-name and generic prescriptions. Finally, make sure you will be able to continue using the same pharmacy that you are currently utilizing. If not, look into other participating pharmacies near your home or office.

What Happens When I Travel?

This question may not seem like something you need to worry about, but issues can arise more frequently than you might realize. Even if you don’t travel frequently, you may want the comfort of knowing you will be able to see doctors, get services, and fill prescriptions wherever you go.  All Medicare Advantage plans must offer emergency coverage outside of the plan’s service area, but not outside the U.S.

While calling individual providers and comparing plans yourself is always an option, it’s easier to have a little help. At HealthMarkets, we have local, licensed agents nationwide who will work with you to determine your needs, research available plans, and compare them to find the plan that fits your needs and your budget. Best of all, we do it at no cost to you. What are you waiting for? Call HealthMarkets today!


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