It’s important to have insurance for health, dental, and vision. But does one plan cover them all, or do you need separate plans for each type of coverage? The simple answer is: you may need to shop for individual plans to get coverage that fits your needs.

Does health insurance cover dental care?

Health insurance plans may cover dental care, but it can depend on your age and your plan. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), dental coverage is considered an “essential health benefit,” but only for children. That means if you’re purchasing health coverage for someone age 18 or younger, dental coverage must be available as part of a health plan or as a stand-alone plan. Please note, while the children’s dental must be available, it does not mean you are required to purchase it.

Does health insurance cover vision care?

All ACA-qualified health plans also include vision coverage for children. The required vision benefits for children will at least partially cover services like eye exams and glasses. For adults, however, vision and dental care coverage is different under the law.

How does dental and vision insurance work for adults?

The ACA does not require that health insurance plans for adults include vision or dental coverage. It’s important to look at your policy carefully to see what’s covered. Your individual plan may include insurance for health, dental, and vision. However, typically dental and vision services are not covered by health insurance plans.

  • If dental or vision care is covered as part of your health insurance plan, you generally pay one monthly premium for everything.
  • If dental or vision care is not covered in your plan, you can purchase stand-alone plans to cover those services.

It’s important to note that you can purchase dental and vision plans at any time — not just during the Open Enrollment Period. You will pay a separate monthly premium for these stand-alone plans. Costs can vary based on coverage selections.

Can you use dental insurance and then cancel it?

While this is technically possible, there are a number reasons why this would not be recommended:

  1. Many dental insurance plans have a waiting period before some or all of the benefits begin. You may not have your services covered if you purchase a plan with the intention of quickly canceling it.
  2. Some plans have benefits that increase over time. The longer you keep your plan, the more services it may cover, and possibly at a higher percentage.
  3. Dental emergencies occur. There may come a time when you need dental coverage when you least expect it.

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