More Benefit Options for Your Employees

As voluntary benefits or through cost-sharing, supplemental insurance provides your employees with an added layer of financial protection.

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Voluntary Group Benefits

HealthMarkets provides an affordable layer of financial protection.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency offers a wide range of small business voluntary benefits that can help protect your employees from out-of-pocket expenses including insurance copays and deductibles. These plans pay a cash benefit to help fill financial gaps left by health insurance when they are sick or injured. The money received from these plans can be used for anything; out-of-pocket medical expenses and deductibles, offset a loss of income, or even pay everyday living expenses.

Voluntary benefit plans for a critical illness or cancer can help your employees focus on recovering and getting back to work instead of their finances. These plans generally provide a lump sum cash benefit directly to them for a first diagnosis of a major illness such as, heart attack, stroke and many other types of illness including life-threatening cancer.

A voluntary disability insurance plan insures your employees’ greatest asset—their ability to earn an income. Disability insurance plans generally pay a monthly cash benefit to them when they are unable to work. These types of plans usually offer coverage for periods of disability due to an injury or illness.

Group dental insurance plans can be purchased at very reasonable rates, and some policies provide coverage for services such as orthodontics, teeth whitening and dental implants.

As people age, so do their eyes. HealthMarkets’ portfolio of small business vision insurance combines options from multiple insurance companies to meet your coverage and budgetary needs.

What many people don’t understand is how simple it can be to purchase employer sponsored life insurance coverage so that, should the unexpected happen, the financial resources their family needs will be there.

Fixed-indemnity voluntary benefit plans offer a fixed cash benefit payout in the event of a specific illnesses or injuries covered by the policy. These plans can be a helpful addition to your employees’ health insurance to help them cover out-of-pocket costs for medical expenses.

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