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Minuteman Health is a not-for-profit, member-governed health plan exclusively available to residents of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Minuteman individual health plans are designed with affordability in mind. The goal is for costs to remain lower than what other large health insurance firms are charging.

Minuteman currently offers 3 plan categories in Massachusetts for individuals and families: Constitution, Patriot, and Connectorcare. Options for New Hampshire residents include Constitution, Silver Cost Share Reduction, and a Premium Assistance Program for Adults.

To date, there are about 24,000 people enrolled in Minuteman Health plans. Members can choose from several hospitals and more than 9,500 doctors. The company is led by CEO Thomas Policelli, who is a former Cigna and UnitedHealth Group executive. Minuteman was established in 2012 through a collective effort from Tufts Medical Center, Vanguard Health Systems, and the New England Quality Care Alliance.

The Minuteman initiatives pledge that any earned profits will be returned to health plan members through increased benefits or lower premium costs. The company promises unparalleled transparency, low administrative costs, and improved efficiency for members, doctors, and employers.

Like many insurance companies, Minuteman Health’s product offerings include the following types of plans: HMO and PPO.

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Minuteman Health
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