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Dental insurance can protect you from a lot of expenses that come from routine checkups and oral treatments. However, since Original Medicare doesn’t include dental care, finding Medicare dental coverage in North Carolina can be complicated. HealthMarkets has a way to make it easy.  

Your North Carolina Dental Options

Medicare Parts A & B may not cover dental procedures, but you still have options. You can keep your policy and buy separate dental insurance at any time. You can switch to a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan that includes dental insurance during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Or you can purchase a low-cost, non-insurance dental discount plan that helps reduce your total bill.

Where to Find Medicare Dental Coverage in North Carolina

HealthMarkets has a free and easy service that helps Medicare beneficiaries like you find dental insurance that works for them. If you need Medicare dental coverage in North Carolina, call us and tell us about your budget. We’ll match you with the policies that fit your needs. We make the process simple and straightforward.

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