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Medicare Part A and Part B coverage (Original Medicare) may not be enough to cover all of your health care needs. Medicare Supplement Plan G is one of several Medicare Supplement Plans (also called Medigap plans), that can be purchased through private insurance companies. These plans help pay for some of the expenses that your Original Medicare plan doesn’t cover. 

What Does Medicare Supplement Plan G Offer?

Below are the expenses covered by Plan G that are not covered by Original Medicare:1*

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part A hospital costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are used up
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment
  • Medicare Part B excess charges—An excess charge is the difference between the Medicare-approved amount and what a doctor charges you for the services. 
  • First three pints of blood for a medical procedure 
  • Hospice care coinsurance or copayment
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance
  • 80% of foreign travel emergency medical care

*If you live in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, or Minnesota, your plan benefits may differ.

Medicare Supplement Plan G High Deductible Plan

In some states, you can purchase a high-deductible Medicare Supplement Plan G policy. For 2022, that means that you must pay $2,490 in out-of-pocket costs such as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles before your Medicare Supplement plan coverage kicks in. In exchange, the monthly premium is often lower than the standard Plan G. 

How to Purchase Medicare Supplement Plan G

Since Medicare Supplement Plan G policies are offered by private insurance companies, prices can vary. However, the benefits listed above must be provided by all Medicare Supplement Plan Gs, no matter who is selling the plan. 

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1. U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Retrieved from Accessed November 16, 2021.

HealthMarkets FitScore intends to identify plans that fit your needs. You should carefully review official plan materials.

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