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Dental Insurance

Affordable dental plans that will make you smile.

If you’re looking for a way to make seeing the dentist more affordable, the best dental insurance plan for you can help reduce high costs of caring for the health of your smile. It’s easy to find the right plan for your budget with HealthMarkets.

What are the best dental insurance plans for you? Answer a couple of quick questions on our site and get your FitScore™ to find the best dental insurance plans for you available in your area. The plans with the highest FitScore are the most likely to match the dental needs of you and your family.

Start finding the best dental insurance for you today. HealthMarkets is available 24/7 to get you covered.

How do you find low-cost dental insurance plans? An easy way is to use our site to get your FitScore™ and find the plans that are the right fit for you. Just answer a couple of questions about your dental needs, and we’ll show you the plans available in your area. The higher the FitScore a plan has, the more likely the low-cost dental insurance plan will be to your ideal match.

You can compare plans and even enroll online! Or, if you have additional questions, a licensed HealthMarkets agent can assist you with next steps.

Dental insurance plans are critical for the health of your teeth. Plus, your dental health can affect your overall health, so it’s important to keep up with regular visits to your dentist. Dental insurance plans can provide coverage for diagnostic exams and preventive services, as well as benefits related to other types of oral care.

Just how much is full-coverage dental insurance? HealthMarkets makes it easy to find out! Just answer a couple of questions about your dental needs, and HealthMarkets can show you the most affordable dental insurance plans near you. Each plan gets a FitScore™ and the plans with the highest score are the closest to your ideal match. Compare plans online now, or contact a local HealthMarkets agent who can work with you to determine which dental insurance plans are best for your unique life situation.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency makes it easy to get a low cost dental plan that fits your individual needs and your budget. Choose from an array of benefit options that include access to network providers that can help keep the cost of your care affordable. We can help you find the coverage you need at no additional cost to you.

Your dental plan can help you pay for:

Preventive and diagnostic exams


Restorative dental procedures

Choose from several options that can help make your dental care more affordable. Care is generally provided through a network of dental care professionals.

Example of what a dental plan FitScore recommendation looks like

What is a FitScore?

The FitScoreTM is the quick, easy way to maximize your benefits and save money. After answering a few short questions about your dental insurance needs, HealthMarkets searches thousands of plans from leading insurance companies to provide a customized list of the right options for you.

The higher the FitScore, the closer the plan is to your ideal match.

It’s quick, easy, and helps ensure that you’re satisfied with the plan you choose.

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More than 4 million insurance policies issued from over 200 companies nationwide to let you be as choosy as you want.

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