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Fixed Indemnity Plans

Provides cash benefits for covered healthcare services with no deductible.

A Fixed Indemnity supplemental insurance plan is a great way to help manage the out-of-pocket expenses that quickly add up after an illness or injury. Fixed Indemnity supplemental insurance provides protection by giving cash benefits to help cover the cost of common medical services, such as ER visits, x-rays, hospital visits, and other services. It’s your money. How you spend it is up to you.

Benefits of Fixed Indemnity Supplemental Insurance include:

  • No annual deductible
  • Benefits are paid directly to you – not your doctor or hospital
  • Flexible benefit options with multiple plans to choose from
  • Affordable premiums

Note: A fixed indemnity supplemental insurance plan is not considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and you may be subject to the tax penalty if you do not maintain appropriate coverage.

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