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Coverage Options for Medicare Eligibility—Alaska

Alaska residents can benefit in several ways from Medicare plans. Did you know that preventive care comes with no copay or deductible if you are Medicare eligible? In 2015, 71,339 Alaska residents over age 65 benefited from Medicare.

Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Original Medicare includes Medicare Part A and Part B, which is standard hospital and medical insurance. You are assessed for a standard rate for services when you have original Medicare, and you can go to hospitals or doctors in your area that accept Medicare patients. Prescription coverage is available through Medicare Part D, which may increase your cost of coverage. 

Medicare Advantage plans are an alternative for those who have Medicare eligibility. Alaska enrollees can enjoy a range of benefits with Medicare Advantage, including:

  • Lower out-of-pocket copayments when seeing a doctor or visiting the emergency room
  • Part D drug coverage, which is usually included in the coverage
  • Annual limit on out-of-pocket costs 
  • Other benefits, including dental, vision and hearing coverage, depending on the plan

Discussing your particular situation with a licensed HealthMarkets agent is easy, and representatives are available at your convenience to help you understand the local and regional plan options in your area. 

A licensed agent can help you choose a plan based on options available to those with Medicare eligibility in Alaska. Call HealthMarkets at (800) 439-6916.



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