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Medicare eligibility qualifies you for participation in other programs in lieu of original Medicare, however. These programs are called Medicare Advantage programs, and they essentially combine Parts A and B together with prescription coverage and other benefits. After establishing Medicare eligibility in Arkansas, if you elect to go with Medicare Advantage, you can receive other perks—depending on the plan. For instance, some regional Medicare Advantage plans may offer hearing aid coverage or coverage for dental; original Medicare does not pay those costs.



Medicare Eligibility Arkansas – Who Qualifies for Medicare?

There are three groups of people who may have Medicare eligibility in Arkansas, including:

  • People aged 65 or older
  • People who are disabled and under the age of 65
  • People with kidney failure at any age

The group you fall into will affect your Medicare eligibility. If you are 65 or older and getting a Social Security check, you will be automatically enrolled into what is known as "original" Medicare, which includes Part A hospital insurance that covers hospital stays and Part B medical insurance that covers visits to your doctor, lab work, outpatient care, and other covered services.

Length of Time to Determine Medicare Eligibility in Arkansas

Some disability determinations may come with immediate Medicare eligibility. Arkansas residents who are diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease or end-stage kidney disease can be eligible for Medicare right away, while other disabled individuals may need to wait two years before they are determined Medicare eligible.

With 446,359 Medicare beneficiaries in Arkansas, HealthMarkets can help you find the plan you need. Find out more about Medicare eligibility and the plans that are available in your area by consulting with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. Although it can require careful consideration to understand Medicare eligibility, Arkansas licensed representatives are available around the clock to answer your questions and help you enroll in a Medicare plan that is right for you.


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