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Medicare eligibility in Georgia entitles you to participate in original Medicare programs, but you can also opt for Medicare Advantage plans. Deciding which option is best depends on a number of factors, including how often you need medical care and if you're taking medicine regularly. Most workers aged 65 and over qualify for Medicare, although some younger disabled people also qualify. HealthMarkets can help you understand Medicare eligibility. Georgia licensed agents are waiting to help you find the right plan for you if you opt for Medicare Advantage over original Medicare.


Since the adoption into law of new healthcare regulations, individuals enrolled in Medicare in Georgia saved over $106,172,179 on prescription drugs. Now that preventative care comes at no added cost to Medicare enrollees - 1,030,492 residents in GA are taking advantage of free preventative care as well. Don’t wait to arm yourself with the right information in choosing the best plan. Know your options, call HealthMarkets day or night. Our service is free of charge to you.

Getting the Most from Medicare Eligibility – Georgia Marketplace

There are some major differences between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage that you need to be aware of if you have Medicare eligibility. Georgia agents can help you understand what's out there and make a wise choice when you buy your plan. In Georgia, not all Medicare plans are created equally, some plans may have a lower copayment than others while others may have better benefits. Nearly all Medicare Advantage Georgia plans offer Part D Medicare coverage that pays for prescription drug coverage.

Many plans that are available under Part C Medicare coverage are cheaper than the costs you pay for Part D drug coverage with original Medicare and other supplemental Medicare plans. If all of this sounds a little complicated, don’t worry. By consulting with one of our 3,000 licensed agents, you can find the best plan for your needs. We want to make sure you’re covered regardless of what life throws your way. Your HealthMarkets agent is available via phone, internet or in person and can also help you determine which Medicare option suits you best.


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