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Medicare can be of great assistance to those who qualify for it. Seniors and people with disabilities who have Medicare eligibility in Kentucky can enjoy health coverage that may be beneficial for them.

If you’re new to Medicare, HealthMarkets can help you understand the Medicare system. We can also help you choose your new plan—all at no cost to you. If you’re already enrolled, we can perform a policy checkup to ensure your plan is still a good match.

Over 939,000 Kentuckians were enrolled in a Medicare plan in 2020.1You may be eligible for Medicare in Kentucky if you’re a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident who has lived in the U.S. for more than five years and one or more of the following applies to you:2

  • You are 65 or older.
  • You have been on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for two years.
  • You have end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

If you’re eligible for a Kentucky Medicare plan, make sure you understand all of your options before you choose coverage. If you are ready to shop, get started with HealthMarkets now.

New to Medicare in Kentucky? Get the Basics

There are four parts to Medicare, including:

  • Part A – Medicare Part A is hospital insurance, covering inpatient stays, skilled nursing, nursing home care, home health care, and hospice care.3 
  • Part B – Medicare Part B is medical insurance, covering doctor visits, preventive services, and medical supplies.Together, Parts A and B are known as Original Medicare.
  • Part C – Those enrolled in Parts A and B can choose to receive their healthcare coverage through a private insurance company instead. This bundling of Part A and Part B under one plan is called Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage. Many Medicare Advantage plans also include drug, dental, vision, and/or hearing coverage.5 Over 345,000 Kentuckians opted for Medicare Advantage plans in 2020.1 
  • Part D – Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. These plans are purchased from private insurance companies and help cover the cost of medications.

Compare Medicare Plans in Kentucky

If you have Medicare eligibility in Kentucky, you may have real options. HealthMarkets’ innovative FitScore® can help you review, rank, and compare your available plans, at no cost to you. 

You can also find out now if you could be eligible for Extra Help with your prescription drug costs.

Get started discovering your options with HealthMarkets today.


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HealthMarkets’ FitScore intends to identify plans that fit your needs. You should carefully review official plan materials.

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