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Medicare eligibility in Nebraska is a popular topic right now, as millions of Americans scramble to find the best possible plan for them with all the options available. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which went into effect early in 2014, the majority of U.S. residents are required to have some type of health insurance. This can be a financial burden to those with lower incomes, which is why HealthMarkets Insurance Agency is happy to help you find an affordable health plan. Our licensed agents can help you determine whether you have Medicare eligibility.


Nebraska residents who are not eligible for Medicare can get assistance from HealthMarkets in applying for subsidies to help make your healthcare coverage affordable. More than 270,000 residents of Nebraska are enrolled in Medicare, which means that approximately 15% of the state’s population meets the threshold of Medicare eligibility in Nebraska. Over 28,000 individuals are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, meaning that they receive their Medicare benefits via a third private party provider. In addition, over 271,000 people receive Medicare Part D, which helps them pay for prescription medications.

Medicare Eligibility in Nebraska and Enrollment

Learning the ins-and-outs of Medicare can seem complicated and confusing for those with new Medicare eligibility. Nebraska HealthMarkets’ licensed agents can help break down the facts into more understandable pieces so you can understand Medicare eligibility. Nebraska plans include four parts of Medicare:

  • Part A, which is hospital insurance
  • Part B, which is medical insurance
  • Part C or Medicare Advantage (a third party provider)
  • Part D, prescription drug coverage

Most Medicare eligible individuals are age 65 or older, although eligibility for Medicare is not limited to age. Call or visit HealthMarkets online to learn more about Medicare eligibility in Nebraska. Our representatives can be reached on the web, by phone or in person any time.



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