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Since the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, went into effect in 2014, millions of Americans are considering more options than ever for their healthcare needs. New Hampshire residents who are eligible for Medicare have access to some of the best plans in the insurance industry. Medicare eligibility in New Hampshire is something that many of the state’s residents are talking about, as it can be a huge blessing to those who are Medicare eligible.


HealthMarkets Insurance Agency employs a huge network of fully qualified and licensed agents who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding Medicare eligibility in New Hampshire, or to help determine whether or not you are eligible for Medicare.  If you don’t qualify for Medicare, don’t fret—our agents are experienced in finding subsidies that can help cover the cost of your healthcare coverage if you’re eligible. HealthMarkets’ agents can be reached by phone, online or in person, so give them a call today and get started in enrolling in a healthcare plan.

Shopping for Plans with Medicare Eligibility in New Hampshire

Shopping the health insurance marketplace can be confusing, which is why our agents are well-versed in deciphering the complicated regulations and breaking it down to help you understand and get maximum benefit from your Medicare eligibility. New Hampshire residents who get Medicare can receive services under four programs:

  • Part A (hospital insurance)
  • Part B (medical insurance)
  • Part C/Medicare Advantage (third party provider)
  • Part D (prescription drug coverage)

To be considered Medicare eligible, you usually must be age 65 years or older, although other factors are considered, such as if you have a disability such as blindness or a chronic illness, such as renal failure. Not everyone will be eligible for Medicare. Although, in the state of New Hampshire alone over 203,000 individuals are enrolled in a Medicare plan, with more than 11,000 of those individuals being enrolled in a Medicare advantage plan. That means about 15% of the state’s total population receives Medicare benefits. Residents of NH now benefit from free access to preventive healthcare, more affordable prescriptions and a stronger Medicare program overall since the new ACA laws went into effect.

To help you understand Medicare eligibility, New Hampshire HealthMarkets agents are standing by online or you can give our agents a call today.


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