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If you have Medicare eligibility in North Dakota, you have arguably one of the most respected and beneficial insurance plans in the country. However, if you're not looking at Medicare Advantage as an option to maximize your Medicare benefits, you may be missing out on savings and services that are not offered by original Medicare.


Original Medicare falls short when it comes to many of the things that are standard fare with Medicare Advantage, and not looking at MA plans can mean that you're not making the most of your Medicare eligibility. North Dakota HealthMarkets agents are standing by to help you understand the plans that are offered and determine whether you can benefit from a plan under Medicare Advantage. 16% of residents in North Dakota are beneficiaries of Medicare. Find out if you’re eligible in time for Medicare enrollment, beginning October 15th. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can walk you through the process and our services comes at no cost to you!

Benefits of MA Plans with Medicare Eligibility in North Dakota

When it comes to Medicare Advantage, most people with Medicare eligibility in North Dakota should consider a plan under Part C, which is Medicare Advantage. What is Medicare Advantage?

  • Medicare Advantage is essentially a Part A and Part B (medical and hospital insurance plans) that are serviced by a private provider instead of Medicare.
  • Many MA plans come with a Part D prescription drug coverage plan that lets you get drug coverage right in with your Medicare coverage without paying anything extra.
  • You can qualify for Part C plans if you have Medicare eligibility.
  • North Dakota plans can sometimes also include coverage for eyeglasses, dental and hearing services. All Part C plans have a cap on the out-of-pocket expenses that you must pay, although traditional Medicare does not. This means if you have a catastrophic illness, your finances are somewhat protected.
  • Moreover, with Medicare Advantage, you can also enjoy lower copayments, so seeing a doctor or being hospitalized can sometimes cost less.

Find out more about Medicare Advantage and your Medicare eligibility. North Dakota licensed agents with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can answer your questions online, via phone, or in person today.


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