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If you’re wondering about your Medicare eligibility in Virginia, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help answer all of your questions.

To be considered Medicare eligible, the main requirement is to be at least 65 years or older. This is not the sole requirement for receiving Medicare, however. Those who have a permanent disability – such as blindness, or suffer from a chronic illness, such as renal failure – also may be considered eligible for Medicare.

 Quick facts for Medicare in Virginia:

To find out whether or not you, too, are eligible for Medicare, contact HealthMarkets – we can be reached online, by phone, or even visited in person if that is your preference. Call in time for Medicare enrollment beginning soon. Our network of more than 3,000 licensed representatives goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you receive the quality service you deserve while navigating the health insurance marketplace. We are more than happy to assist you in determining whether you meet the requirements for Medicare eligibility in Virginia.

Browsing the Best Plans with Medicare Eligibility in Virginia

If you don’t qualify for Medicare, don’t worry – our agents will help you find an affordable health insurance option. There are many government subsidies available that can help bring down the cost of your health insurance plan. Medicare is broken up into four different parts. These include:

  • Part A – Hospital insurance
  • Part B – Medical insurance
  • Part C, Medicare Advantage – Benefits paid via a third party provider
  • Part D – Prescription drug coverage

Some people may be eligible for one part of Medicare, but not the others, and some people may be eligible for all parts. For assistance regarding Medicare eligibility in Virginia, visit HealthMarkets online or give us a call at (800) 360-1402.

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