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If you are 65 years or older, you are likely eligible for Medicare in West Virginia. Other conditions such as chronic illness or a disability may qualify you for Medicare coverage. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help determine whether or not you are eligible today with a quick phone call - or hop on our website and chat with a representative.


What is Medicare?

  • If you are Medicare eligible, you can opt for Original Medicare, which includes both Parts A (hospital) and B (medical).
  • You can also purchase Medicare Advantage, which is also known as Part C Medicare. This type of Medicare plan is a great way to get the most from Medicare eligibility in West Virginia. This plan rolls Parts A and B together and can even come with other benefits that original Medicare enrollees must pay extra for – like prescription drug coverage.
  • Part D coverage is known as prescription drug coverage, with Original Medicare this generally has to be purchased separately but is usually rolled into Medicare Advantage (Part C).

Maximizing Medicare Eligibility in West Virginia

With 21% of the population in West Virginia benefiting from Medicare, it’s good to know your options and not fight the crowd for information. With HealthMarkets Insurance Agency,  you don’t have to. In addition to Parts A, B and usually D - Medicare Advantage plans may also include provisions for:

  • Hearing, vision, and dental care. While not all plans with Part C offer these services, many do. Talk to HealthMarkets to find a plan that gives you these perks so you save on glasses, hearing aids, and even dentures.
  • Lower copayments. With Medicare original, you pay 20 percent for covered services. Many Part C plans have lower coinsurance.
  • Caps on out of pocket costs of care. With original Medicare, you are not limited on your out of pocket costs. With Part C, there is a cap on how much you can be out.

West Virginia residents can call HealthMarkets Insurance Agency day or night for more information regarding your medicare eligibility.


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