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With the Affordable Care Act in place, the pressure is on to shop for individual health insurance plans to avoid receiving the penalty fee for going without insurance coverage. While these penalties are put in place to protect you from living without health care coverage, it can also make it stressful to find the right plan and options for your unique lifestyle.


Quick Tips to Find Health Insurance

Before you dive into confusing websites and attempt to dissect complicated terminology, check out this quick tip guide provided by the Wall Street Journal:

  • Confirm what kind of insurance you need. Do you do routine check-ups or only visit the hospital or doctor's office when you're unhealthy? 
  • Research your eligibility for government programs. Medicare, Medicaid, and COBRA are just some federal programs that help ensure you get coverage despite age, income, or employment. 
  • Do your homework and learn about what services are covered. It’s important to understand insurance policy requirements, as well as know your guaranteed essential health benefits
  • Contact a health insurance representative. While there are many resources available online, it can be difficult to fully understand plans and how to compare options and benefits.

Health insurance representatives can help you learn about premiums, coverage, and deductibles, and can read the fine print for you. They can help you consider all aspects of individual health insurance plans, not just the amount you pay for the monthly premium.

That's why we're here to help you find the perfect health insurance plan for you.

HealthMarkets Makes Finding Insurance Easy

Since 2010, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has helped enroll Americans in more than 4 million insurance policies. Our licensed representatives are dedicated to working with you and understanding your health needs and unique lifestyle to find individual health insurance plans that fit your budget.

To find plans, we work with more than 180 trusted and nationally recognized insurance carriers to make sure your insurance plan is covered in your area.

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