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Family dental insurance helps ensure that each member of your family is receiving optimal care for all aspects of their health. If your family does not have dental coverage, you may consider switching healthcare plans or adding dental insurance.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help you shop for family dental insurance that fits your budget. We understand that you have unique insurance needs, so we maintain a portfolio of plans from over 180 insurance companies, many of which include dental insurance options.

What does family dental insurance help pay for?

Dental care for your family may be provided by a network of dental professionals. The services that dental insurance may help pay include the following:

  • Preventive dental services, such as dental cleanings
  • Preventive and diagnostic exams
  • Restorative dental procedures, such as implants or dentures

 How can you purchase family dental insurance?

There are a few ways you may purchase a family dental insurance plan. You may enroll in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace with HealthMarkets as your guide. HealthMarkets can also help you learn more about other dental plan options—including off the marketplace. You may choose to purchase a health insurance plan that includes dental coverage, or you can purchase stand-alone dental coverage.

Dental insurance plans don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Let a licensed agent from HealthMarkets Insurance Agency help you find the right dental coverage for your family.

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