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Do you live in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania? If so, then you know that this great town is abundant in natural resources: fruit, forests, coal, iron, limestone, that’s an awful lot for a population of just over 7,000. In addition to these advantages, finding health insurance quotes and healthcare at a great price is easier than ever. Voted one of America’s coolest small towns by Budget Magazine in 2009, Huntingdon also offers a myriad of options for affordable health insurance.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance in Huntington, Pennsylvania

Huntingdon, PA, offers so much for folks living in this town to smile about. Let’s follow a resident of this small town, Sarah, as she looks for affordable health insurance in Huntingdon, PA. When she starts the process, Sarah isn’t quite sure where to turn. By seeing what steps she takes and what she learns along the way, you’ll come away with a better understanding of the insurance options available to you and what your next step should be. If you have any questions or are ready to enroll, trust a licensed, knowledgeable representative at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency.

What does Sarah need to know first? First, Sarah needs to know how Pennsylvania offers healthcare plans to its citizens. To find affordable health insurance in Huntingdon, PA, Sarah heads over to the Health Insurance Marketplace at From here, she can see what programs she qualifies for and which of those are available. She can also learn more about important dates and deadlines, as well as sign up for news and updates.

Does Sarah qualify for special health insurance programs? In addition to Federal Premium Subsidies, Sarah may also qualify for a catastrophic health insurance plan. This plan may be available to people under 30 and to those with hardship exemptions. Hardships are life events that make paying for health insurance difficult or impossible. Sarah is over 30 with a secure job and no major health complications. Though she may be ineligible for a catastrophic plan, what else might she qualify for? If Sarah falls below a certain income level, she could receive Medicaid insurance. The professionals at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can determine, based on the questions we’ll ask, if you qualify for Medicaid, or, if you have any children, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

What are the plan options now available to Sarah? At this point, Sarah doesn’t qualify for catastrophic plans, Medicaid, or CHIP; however, she does have several primary plan options available to her. She may choose from one of the following ACA categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. From these plan options, she may focus on a smaller monthly premium, lower deductible, or fewer out-of-pocket costs to get more savings. By knowing the details of the plan she chooses, as well as her healthcare needs, Sarah can choose the most affordable option.

So what does Sarah choose? She chooses HealthMarkets, of course. By working with a licensed agent, Sarah is able to find the best coverage for a price she can afford. And she couldn’t be happier with her decision. If you’re looking for affordable health insurance in Huntingdon, PA, take some advice from Sarah. Let us do the work for you! Contact HealthMarkets today, or find a licensed representative near you.


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