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If you're looking for affordable health insurance in SC, you have options. With the healthcare laws introduced by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Americans have more health insurance options than ever before. By understanding your own health and budgeting needs, you can find the right plan to fit all your needs — but where do you begin?

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can help make the process of finding affordable health insurance in South Carolina easier. We have already done the research into thousands of policies from 180 insurance companies nationwide. When you tell one of our licensed agents about your budget and health requirements, we’ll quickly match you with the policies that will work for you.

How the ACA Made SC Health Care Affordable

Under the ACA, South Carolina residents have received these healthcare laws well since their introduction in 2010. According to the HHS, here are some of the many ACA benefits they've experienced with the SC healthcare marketplace:

  1. "Of the 118,324 SC individuals enrolled in health insurance, 88% opted for a plan with some form of financial assistance."
  2. "South Carolina has received $1,000,000 in grants to improve health care in the state."
  3. "If family plans cover children, young adults under 26 can stay on the plan. This has made coverage available to 50,000 more residents in South Carolina."
  4. "Health insurance providers can no longer impose lifetime limits on individuals with a chronic illness. 1,458,000 residents of SC (including 397,000 children) no longer have to worry about seeking the care they need."

How SC's Health Plans Became More Affordable

affordable health insurance in sc metal levels of coverage bronze silver gold platinum

The success that South Carolina residents experienced under the ACA was made possible by the new regulations under the ACA. This includes the introduction of the metal levels of coverage that determine how much coverage your health insurance provider will give when you receive care based on how much you pay in monthly premiums. In general, the more you pay, the more they cover.

There are four metal levels to choose from:

1. Bronze Plans: Your health insurance provider covers 60% of your healthcare costs, leaving you to pay the remaining 40% out of pocket. 

2. Silver Plans: Your health insurance provider covers 70% of your healthcare costs, leaving you to pay the remaining 30% out of pocket. 

3. Gold Plans: Your health insurance provider covers 80% of your healthcare costs, leaving you to pay the remaining 20% out of pocket. 

4. Platinum Plans: Your health insurance provider covers 90% of your healthcare costs, leaving you to pay the remaining 10% out of pocket. 

Need help figuring out which SC health plan will work for your family? Contact HealthMarkets.

HealthMarkets Finds Affordable Coverage in South Carolina

When you reach out to us, you will be connected with one of our friendly, licensed agents who can help you compare health insurance plans. We’ll ask a few questions and then get to work finding you great options for affordable health insurance in SC. Let us make this process an easy one.

We are committed to your health insurance needs. HealthMarkets is an industry leader and is always ready to provide high-quality service to our customers. We are ready to offer free health insurance quotes so you can find affordable health insurance in SC. Give us a call today at (800) 360-1402, and see what we can do for you.





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