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Affordable health insurance plans are usually not hard to find when looking solely at premiums. You may see plans with premiums that look well within your budget. However, there are 3 factors that need to be considered to really understand how affordable a plan is.

How to Consider Affordable Health Insurance Plans

#1: Premiums

Monthly premiums may be the first consideration for affordable health insurance plans. This is the amount that you will be charged monthly in order to maintain your coverage. Subsidies are available for low-income individuals and families that can lower the premium amounts due.

#2: Deductibles

The deductible can be as much of a factor as the premium when choosing between affordable health insurance plans. If you need to go to a doctor frequently for treatments, it may be worth it to consider a lower deductible and a slightly higher premium. However, if you do not need to go to the doctor that often, a higher deductible and a lower premium may be useful.

#3: Network of Providers

The third thing that needs to be considered is the network of providers. This may include specific doctors, hospitals, laboratories, imaging centers and pharmacies. If you would like to continue seeing your regular doctor, make sure they are within the plan’s network. Restricted (or narrow) networks help to keep the cost of premiums down, but it’s important to ensure you have the access you need when there’s a medical problem.

After establishing these three things, you can avoid making a mistake when looking for affordable health insurance plans.

Where to Go for Affordable Health Plans

So, where can you go to get quotes on affordable health insurance plans? And where can you select from numerous health insurance companies rather than selecting from a few? 

You can receive a customized approach to your health insurance shopping experience with HealthMarkets. We have a portfolio of over 180 health insurance companies to choose from nationwide. By calling (800) 360-1402, or meeting with a licensed agent in person, you can find an affordable health insurance plan for you.





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