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There are so many reasons why women need to make themselves a priority, especially when it comes to healthcare. After all, women are daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers. But they can be none of those things if they don’t first learn to look after themselves. Getting proper care often begins with finding the best health insurance for women. While the search can feel like a daunting task, below are some important reminders as to why ladies should put themselves first!

Women Shoulder the Burden

Did you know it’s largely women who decide household healthcare decisions? Roughly 80% of the time, it’s women who choose children’s doctors, take them to appointments, and oversee their care. But it’s not just children women are looking after. They also out number men when it comes to providing care to elders. Women more often than men are caring for an aging parent or loved one with a chronic or debilitating condition. So with all this time spent looking after others, is it any surprise women barely find the time to look after themselves?

Women Incur More Health Services

Because women live longer and need reproductive care, they use more medical services than men. More medical services mean more medical costs. Another reason to seek the best health insurance for women is because the treatment they seek is often for one or more chronic conditions, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Furthermore, women are reported to have more stress than men. This can result in women suffering from the physical and emotional conditions that accommodate stress, like depression, fatigue, anxiety, chronic sleep issues, and even eating disorders.

What Happens to Uninsured Women?

Maybe the strongest argument that can be made for seeking the best health insurance for women is simply the result. Women who have health coverage are more likely to obtain primary and preventative care. They also are more likely to get necessary check-ups for their children. Single mothers, who make up 80% of single-parent families, are more likely to be uninsured. When a mother does not receive pre-natal care, she is two to three times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth. A child is six times more likely to die during birth or infancy without prenatal care. Statistics like these are what make having health insurance for single women especially important.

Women’s Healthcare Under the Affordable Care Act

The good news is, with the creation of the Affordable Care Act, there has been a sharp decline in the number of women without coverage. Those seeking the best health insurance for women will be happy to know the ACA requires plans to cover preventative services like pap smears, mammograms, and bone density tests without copayments or other cost sharing. They also can’t deny coverage to women for pre-existing conditions. Additionally, health insurance companies are no longer allowed to charge women higher premiums than men.

There are more reasons than ever before to seek the best health insurance for women, and HealthMarkets can help you find it. Whether you’re a mother or grandmother, single or married, HealthMarkets will put you in touch with different plans from over 180 insurance companies nationwide. We can help you find affordable coverage that fits your important and unique needs. Our best price guarantee* means you will not find the same plan somewhere else for less. HealthMarkets supports women making themselves a priority. We are here to help so that you may deliver the best care to yourself, and those around you. Give us a call today at (800) 360-1402.


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