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With open enrollment coming up, many people are wondering if they need to update their information to continue to participate in the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” marketplace. After all, you have probably already notified your insurance company of any important life changes throughout the year.

However, once you are covered by health insurance from the health insurance marketplace, you are required to report certain changes that might affect your eligibility and your assistance or benefit amounts to the government as well. Sometimes these changes can qualify you for additional benefits. Alternatively, the changes you report may reduce the amount of assistance for which you qualify.

Regardless of the state you live in, you should update your eligibility information in accordance with Obamacare if you experience the following life changes:

  • Marital status changes. If you get married or divorced, you need to report the change to your healthcare marketplace exchange.
  • Family size changes. If you give birth, adopt a child, or place a child in an adoptive home, these changes must be reported.
  • Pregnancy. If you're pregnant, you may qualify for additional assistance, so be sure to report your pregnancy.
  • Disability status changes. If you become disabled or if a doctor declares that you are not disabled, report your disability status change as it may affect your benefits.
  • Income changes. Report any increase or decrease in income. If you are getting a subsidy to help defer the cost of healthcare, changes in your income can affect your eligibility and subsidy amount.
  • Residential changes. If you move, be sure to report the change, since your geographical location can determine your eligibility for many programs.

There are other changes that you should report, including changes in your incarceration or immigration status and changes in your tax filing status, among others.

How to Report any Changes that May Affect Obamacare Eligibility

Most states have made it fairly easy to report changes that can affect eligibility for programs and subsidies with Obamacare. Generally, you can report changes online or by phone. Find out more by discussing your particular situation with a licensed insurance representatives with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. These professionals are knowledgeable on the health insurance marketplace and are ready to help you make the best decisions possible.  

With more than 3,000 licensed agents across the country, HealthMarkets can help answer questions such as whether or not you need to update your eligibility information under Obamacare in time for open enrollment. Skip the hassle and choose HealthMarkets.


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