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With so many options in health insurance, Missouri residents can get assistance navigating through the world of healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. We offer a free, no-cost, no-obligation consultation to help Missourians find and purchase the insurance that is right for them.

Since 2010, HealthMarkets has provided a personalized health insurance shopping experience to Americans nationwide. We work closely with you and your needs to find the right plan for the whole family. Our licensed Missouri agents are available at your convenience to begin shopping for your health insurance plan now.

How the ACA Helped MI Find Health Care

With the many provisions that came with the ACA, Missouri residents have benefitted from the new healthcare laws:

  1. In Missouri, 253,430 plans were sold either as first-time enrollees or those who chose to re-enroll in their existing plan.
  2. 88% of Missourians who enrolled in a health plan were eligible for approximately $281 in tax credits.
  3. Over 2 million MI residents no longer have to worry about lifetime limits on their coverage.

Additionally, the ACA introduce health plans that offer different levels of coverage, or "metal levels," to help Missouri families who need more health care get help paying for these services. In general, the more you pay for your plan's monthly premiums, the more coverage you'll receive for out-of-pocket expenses when you receive care.

The four metal levels include:

  1. Bronze: 60% covered by your health insurance provider, 40% covered by you.
  2. Silver: 70% covered by your health insurance provider, 30% covered by you.
  3. Gold: 80% covered by your health insurance provider, 20% covered by you.
  4. Platinum: 90% covered by your health insurance provider, 10% covered by you.

The way to determine which level of coverage will work for your family is to understand your personal health and financial needs.

If you and your family are generally healthy and require annual exams and coverage for emergencies, a Bronze or Silver plan may work well for your family. With these plans, your premiums will stay low, but if you need an emergency doctor or hospital visit, you may have to pay more out of pocket.

However, if you and your family require regular doctor's appointments and anticipate hospital visits for chronic illness, a Gold or Platinum plan may suit your financial and medical needs well. Your premiums may be higher than those with Bronze or Silver plans, but you'll receive more coverage from your health insurance provider when you receive care, lowering your copayment, deductible, or coinsurance expenses.

If you need help figuring out which plan can work for you, contact one of the friendly agents at HealthMarkets

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From understanding copayments and levels of coverage, HealthMarkets has a network of 3,000 licensed insurance agents across the country, many in Missouri, to help you get started on the road to health insurance. Missouri residents can call us at (800) 360-1402, or request a free quote online to get started now.





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