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HealthMarkets doesn’t just help you find the best medical health insurance policies—we can help you understand them, too. So what are you worried about today? It sounds like you have parents who are Medicare-aged if you’re thinking about Medicare Part C insurance. Maybe you know a friend who’s very low income and struggling to find health insurance, and you’re wondering if Medicaid can help. And your own medical health insurance options are swimming around in your head as well.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can Help you Understand your Medical Health Insurance Decisions

One great source of information for all of those concerns is the HealthMarkets blog. We write about issues exactly like these for families just like yours. Since your concerns are so immediate, you also may want to keep an eye on our Twitter feed for up-to-date news on the changing insurance world. But while you’re here, let’s go through some basic information that may help you make sense of all your health insurance options.

Major Medical Insurance vs. Everything Else

The first thing you need to understand about medical health insurance is the difference between major medical insurance and everything else. Major medical insurance is the kind of insurance that provides you with coverage for doctor’s visits, emergency room trips, lab testing, maternity care, surgeries, and many other services. When people think of health insurance, they’re usually imagining major medical. Most Americans are legally required to have major medical health insurance. If they don’t, they’ll likely pay a fine on their federal taxes. The major medical insurance policies we’ll discuss today are: 

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • (Medicare) Part C

Medicaid is major medical insurance designed to help take care of people or families who are in poverty or are disabled; Medicare is insurance for older citizens or for people with certain illnesses and disabilities; and Medicare Part C is a type of Medicare insurance that provides the benefits of regular Medicare but is run through private companies instead of the state.

Other types of health insurance do not cover major medical expenses. These may be insurance policies designed to cover specialized needs. Your list includes some types of other health insurance:

  • Supplemental
  • Catastrophic coverage
  • Dental
  • Vision

Supplemental policies are designed to help take care of gaps in your major medical coverage. These gaps could include things  like insurance for travel outside of the country or long-term care insurance.

Catastrophic health insurance provides some, but not all, major medical services, usually services that you’ll need only in emergency situations.

Dental and vision policies are designed to take care of parts of you that are not central to your survival: your teeth and your eyes, respectively.

HealthMarkets can help you access each of these policies.

HealthMarkets offers private insurance that adheres to government requirements. We carry Medicare Part C policies, supplemental insurance, and plans that cover dental and vision care. We can also let you know if you qualify for government insurance like Medicare or Medicaid and send you in the direction of policies like these. In short, we can help you take care of all of your insurance concerns in one fell swoop.

Get back to enjoying that life of yours. Call HealthMarkets today and let one of our thousands of licensed agents answer all your questions. We can even help you browse through healthcare policies that could work for you and your family, then select one that will settle your worries for good.


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