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Medicare eligible Delaware residents can choose Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage. And Delaware licensed HealthMarkets agents are standing by 24/7 to help you enroll in the Medicare Advantage plan that makes the most sense for your particular situation from insurance companies recognized nationwide.


Medicare Advantage plans give you the benefits of both Part A and Part B Medicare, including both hospital and medical insurance, and most of them usually offer Part D prescription coverage too. But how do you know if Medicare Advantage is right for you or if you should opt for Original Medicare when you become eligible for Medicare?

A very small percentage (just 7%) of Medicare beneficiaries in Delaware opt for Medicare Advantage. Don’t let this fact deter you. Medicare Advantage actually combines Original Medicare benefits and may come with additional perks that Original Medicare does not.

HealthMarkets Insurance can help get you set up and explain the benefits of this plan over Original Medicare. Don’t miss out on the added benefits of Medicare Advantage, DE residents. Skip the headache and choose HealthMarkets when open enrollment begins November, 1 2015 - you may even be able to enroll now. Give us a call today!

Choosing Medicare Advantage in Delaware

When selecting between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, Delaware enrollees should weigh the benefits of opting for Original Medicare with the benefits that can be reaped with Medicare Advantage.

When looking over literature for a plan that interests you or when discussing the plans available in your area with a HealthMarkets licensed agent, pay special attention to the benefits offered by the plan. In general, your chosen plan should offer things that Original Medicare does not. When shopping Medicare Advantage, Delaware residents should look for plans that offer benefits beyond Medicare Parts A and B.

Plans with dental, hearing, and vision can be helpful for buying necessities like hearing aids and eyeglasses, since Original Medicare does not pay for these essentials. Also, look at the plan's network of providers when comparing plans for Medicare Advantage in Delaware. Doctors who are not in the plan's network may charge more, so try to choose a plan that lets you see the doctors you are currently seeing.

Finally, look at costs and what your share of costs are, such as coinsurance and copayments. Many people who are eligible for medicare are rightly confused by the complex Medicare system, which is why HealthMarkets is an invaluable tool in selecting your plan. Contact HealthMarkets Insurance Agency now about Medicare Advantage in Delaware. Licensed agents are available around the clock to help.


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