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Medicare recipients in Ohio may be wondering what options are available to them, as many people who receive Medicare benefits may not be informed about Medicare Advantage in Ohio. Fortunately for Ohio residents, HealthMarkets employs a network of over 3,000 licensed agents who are experienced in explaining how to enroll in Medicare Advantage.


Ohio agents are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that may arise when you are seeking enrollment in a plan through Medicare Advantage. Ohio has many options available to Medicare recipients looking to enroll in Medicare Advantage, with over 487,500 residents already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Should You Choose Medicare Advantage in Ohio?

If you’re not clear on how Medicare Advantage works, HealthMarkets’ agents can assist you by breaking down the process in simple terms to help you find the plan you want and need. Medicare Advantage in Ohio works by having Medicare distribute a fixed monthly amount to a private provider of your choice. Different providers will vary in how much they charge for their services, and each plan will have different regulations and rules that you’ll definitely want to examine before enrolling in anything.

This is where HealthMarkets can help, our licensed agents can break down everything you need to know about the plans you are shopping for:

  • Details about monthly premiums
  • Deductible thresholds that must be met
  • Copayments for services provided
  • Whether the plan requires you to receive care from a network doctor, types of services available through the plan and if the plan partially or fully covers the Medicare Part B premium
  • Extra benefits the plan offers and whether or not benefits will cost you
  • Yearly limits for out-of-pocket expenses

Contact HealthMarkets today regarding Medicare Advantage, we can help at no extra cost to you. Ohio licensed agents can help you navigate the health insurance marketplace, and make shopping for a plan a more pleasant experience.


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