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Facts about Medicare in Vermont:

  • More than 17% of the state of Vermont’s total population enrolled in Medicare
  • That equates to roughly 104,000 individuals altogether
  • 8,368 of those individuals in Vermont are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan

HealthMarkets' experienced and knowledgeable agents are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding Medicare Advantage in Vermont. Vermont residents who have yet to determine their Medicare eligibility can go online or call a HealthMarkets agent to find out if they’re eligible for Medicare. Once eligibility has been established, your agent will help you pick out a Medicare Advantage plan that best meets your needs.

Should You Opt For Medicare Advantage in Vermont?

If you’re wondering how Medicare Advantage works, HealthMarkets agents can assist you with that, too.

What is Medicare Advantage?

  • Medicare recipients can choose to have their benefits paid to them through a private provider of their choice, which in turn provides them with all the medical services that Medicare would have otherwise covered.
  • If you choose a Medicare Advantage plan, you’re still enrolled in the Medicare program.
  • Medicare Advantage is referred to as “part C” and includes both parts A and B (like Original Medicare) and usually includes part D (drug coverage).
  • Different plans have different policies, so make sure you go over all that with your agent. 
  • Some will charge a higher premium and some will only partially cover Medicare Part B.

HealthMarkets will make Medicare Advantage in Vermont easy to understand with just a quick phone call or chat online. Our service comes at no additional cost to you. Direct any questions or concerns you may have regarding Medicare Advantage in Vermont to a HealthMarkets agent today.



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