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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) timeline can tell us when specific aspects of this law are scheduled to go into effect (or have gone into effect), and how each may impact your ability to receive health care.

A licensed, knowledgeable representatives at HealthMarkets Insurance Agency can answer any questions you have about the PPACA timeline or how it affects your health insurance options.

Highlights of the PPACA Timeline

  • 2010: Changes to Medicare rates, drug rebate for Medicare and Medicaid, and expansion of Medicaid and CHIP; tax credits for small businesses; expansion of discount drug and adult coverage; implementation of consumer protection provisions and an appeals process; minimum coverage requirements; funds added for research; and the launch of federal and state marketplace exchanges.
  • 2011: Changes to Medicare, including closing the drug gap, payment for primary care services, prevention benefits, and changes to Advantage Plan payments; expansion of Medicaid options; nutrition labeling requirements; and funds for state insurance exchanges, research, and development of new strategies.
  • 2012: Requirement for insurance companies to provide a summary of benefits and coverage; rebates for Medicare Advantage Plans; expansion of Medicare services and rates; abuse and fraud prevention measures; and funds for research.
  • 2013: Start of a national Medicare pilot program; changes in Medicaid coverage and payments; changes in the tax law for medical expenses, devices, and Medicare; and limits on flexible spending accounts.
  • 2014: Changes to and expansion of Medicaid; changes to the Medicare Advantage health insurance coverage mandate; the start of health insurance exchanges and a guarantee of access to health insurance, including no limit on annual coverage and the introduction of essential health benefits and wellness programs; and subsidies for health insurance costs.
  • 2015: Introduction of an increase for CHIP’s federal match.
  • 2016: Introduction of healthcare choice compacts, which let insurance companies sell policies in all participating states.
  • 2018: Start of a tax on insurance companies that offer plans to employers with higher expenses for individual and family coverage.

These are just a sampling of the provisions for the PPACA each year. Not all provisions have or will go into effect.

The PPACA timeline and the current health insurance options may seem a little daunting, but HealthMarkets is here to help. We want you to get the most out of your insurance under the new healthcare law. To learn more about HealthMarkets Insurance Agency, check out our Resource Center or contact us today.


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