Did you know that you could have medical coverage for around $104 per month?* Short-term health insurance in Arkansas can be an option for Arkansas residents who are between employer-sponsored plans or who have missed the deadline for Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.

Is Short-Term Health Insurance Available in Arkansas?

Yes, Arkansas residents can purchase short-term health insurance plans with durations of more than 11 months.1 If you’re one of the approximately 26 million people without insurance, purchasing a short-term policy could be a good temporary option.2

Arkansas short-term insurance is different from comprehensive medical plans. People with preexisting conditions can be denied enrollment. In addition, most plans provide only minimal coverage and do not meet the requirements of the ACA. Make sure you’re familiar with this type of coverage before you purchase a policy.

In 2018, the government extended the availability of temporary health insurance plans, so it’s easier than ever to purchase coverage in case of emergency.3 Each state is responsible for setting its own regulations for short-term health insurance, so limitations can change.3

Is Short Term Health Insurance a Good Option?

Short-term plans can be a good option for healthy people who don’t need to visit the doctor frequently. These plans are medically underwritten, meaning your health can affect your price.

Whether or not this type of coverage is a good option will also depend on the coverage choices you make. Short-term health insurance in Arkansas allows you to choose between deductible and copay amounts, which can affect your premiums costs.3

Apply for an Arkansas Short-Term Health Insurance Plan

Ready to apply for a short-term health insurance plan in Arkansas? HealthMarkets can help you get quotes, compare plans, and apply. You may even be able to get coverage as soon as the next day after you apply. Get started with HealthMarkets today.


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*Average based on premiums for all 2021 short-term health plans sold by HealthMarkets for a 40-year-old non-smoking male making $30,000 per year living in Little Rock, AR.

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